Crushable Hats Built for Sweat and Sunshine

We wanted to make the best trail running hats in the game.

We did pretty good. Seriously.

Our trail hats are crushable & packable. You can dunk them in rivers and wear them at the beach. Truly ready for your many next running adventures, hiking trips, or travels abroad.

(And the most fun patterns you’ll see anywhere you go.)

We call them trail running hats because that’s our passion, but you can call them anything you’d like.

Where will you take these fun, crushable hats?

We only make crushable, 5 panel running hats because, well, that’s all we care to run, hike, and adventure in.

If you’re not familiar with 5 panel running hats, they crush down to fit in your pocket, they’re machine-washable, and they basically last forever.

They’re super lightweight (1.4 oz, to be exact), comfortable as heck, and are guaranteed to be your favorite running hat, hiking hat, or go-anywhere-do-anything hat.

Designed in Raleigh, North Carolina.